Between Daylight & Dreams


What mystery lies behind the impenetrable  robust walls of the Castello  di Postignano?  

Nestled among the rolling hills of the Italian countryside, as if guarding Sleeping Beauty from the surrounding flourishing nature, the ancient castle, a  treasure of hidden tales, tears and laughter, stands majestically overlooking the valley below inviting us in with its charm, beauty and undeniable elegance.

Thanks to the vision and courage of two leading architects Gennaro Matacena and Matteo Scaramella who  lovingly and patiently revived the magical  hamlet in Umbria, the Castello di Postignano  awakens from its dimming past basking  in a new light.

The beautiful hamlet represented the core of people’s lives. It ensured protection from intruders  and provided a safe space which cultivated community, communication, exchange and respect. The inhabitants' lives and well being were deeply rooted in family, cultural events, entertainment and celebration.

The first Borgos were built more than 1000 years ago, emerging from the decline of the Roman Empire and the fierce rejection of migrations coming from  Northern and Eastern Europe. While there were very few rulers capable of providing protection and shelter, Christian religion thrived and survived by providing a stable life structure and cultural development to the people.


Hundreds of years have passed  by since then. We have been struck by innumerable wounds, survived the darkest of times and yet have experienced the most joyful and brightest vignettes of history.

The world of today is different from that of yesterday, and certainly from life centuries ago. We, however, have not changed. Much like  our ancestors, we today live with our  own  concerns and anxieties – we live in nostalgia and dreams, we live with expectations, hopes, disappointments and fear of conflicts and disasters. Yet we  perpetually imagine  a utopic universe filled with beauty, light, harmony, joy and above all else peace.

Tra Luce e Sogno, Festival di  Postignano, is where we share  the experience of making and listening to music,  creating a wreath of colorful sounds together, expressing the “love of harmony” (Philharmonic).

Together at the magical Castello di Postignano   we will  celebrate our past, and  present while we  dream of our  future.

Tra Luce & Sogno


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